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ay0! I'm at school in second period bein' madd bored! There not much to update now..so I'll write more when I get home from school...o ya ma girl Megan got into a fight but it was stupid and over GARY! EW!! And don't you know he's lovin' 2 girls fight over him! But i'll explain the whole thing lata! so Here's some quizes that I took!

I took the McDonalds test, and guess what I got?

You can take the
McDonalds Product Test
by Matio64

CENTER>I&apos;m so ghetto!
Take the The "What Teen Label Do You Fit Into Most?" Quiz!
by antiperfect</center>

I love you man. You are probably the drink with the most fan clubs ever. A lot of people depend of you and your caffeine content to keep them up all night. Others are just addicted.
Find your inner cola.

Who are you? Find out @ She's Crafty

You know you like my new man!! sike let me stop!
Adopt your own useless blob!

My love is Carson Daly!
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