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Well nothin' really happened lately! O yah I did get my blue slip today so I'm gonna go get my L's tomarrow afta school. WHAT!! I'm soo happy I finally got ma blu slip! Now I can start hookin' up ma car! But anywayz....O ya about that fight between megan and jessica! That was sooo stupid!! My girl megan goes out with this boy Gary, well they got togetha over spring break...I think I explained all this earlier but anywayz..like a week before they got togetha he fucced Jessica and didn't tell Megan. Well Gary was tellin' Jessica "o I wanna be with you blah blah blah" and as soon as she let him hit it..he dissed and dis-missed her! And he went on to Megan. Jessica got mad and went around and told everyone she got a STD from Gary, and Megan found out what happened or w/e and eva sense then shes hated Jessica. I was just like Megan it happened BEFORE you to were togetha..and ur the stupid one cuz he was spittin' game to you and her at the same time. So now they play the little middle school game where u just grit on each other when you walk down the hallway and Megan alwayz gives her the "i got him now bitch" look..you know that look right?!? Well the otha day something blew ova and jessica and megan were about to fight, but it only turned into a verbal fight. But Megan was stupid cuz she was like "You only had his dick for 15mins, I get it everynight bitch" UM...Megans ma girl and all, but she ain't gettin' nothing everynight cuz the bitch is a VIRGIN!! I was just like um..megan say something that is actually tru!! You said u weren't losin' ur V to ur 18th birthday on December 17th, so until then ur not gettin' nothing every night!!
Then yesterday there was another fight b'w this grl Kate and this Dover girl! I was like what?!? It was after school and everybody knew what was gonna happen,so you know madd people stayed after school to watch it! I was there, and Kate's mom works at the school, so you know she got word of it, and she was out there tryin' to hold kate back...but it didn't work~ It was so..funny/crazy!!
I got paid yesterday so i'm tryin' to go to the mall and get some new shoes. I want all white airones!! and I want like 2 otha pairs too, but I dunno which ones yet. I want the Red and black airones and I want them to make red and white airones, but they haven't done it yet. I got the red and white airmax 95's tho. My mom and dad left me for the night and I'm sooo bored! I don't have noone to talk too!! I don't even know where there at either!! Aight well I ain't got much more to say so I'm out!

---------QouteZ of da daY--------

propa` styLe ; adorabLe smiLe ; i bE stayiN sneaKy` pLayiN niiqaz foR miLez
whiLe ALL deM chiCkens poppiN` liiP ; i bE dA onE who is runniN deR` shyT`
WhEn dA niiqqAz be spittin qamE ; iM LoviN aLL dA famE * ; i g0tz all of yaLL
oN LoCk.. i qOtz deM i L L unTouChabLe skiLLz dAt no bitCh caN t o P *
stAy hatE frEe oFf of mE .. thAnx * ;D !!

im ya doWn asz bish. one u could cuddle up n wile
out wit ..this niqqa my heart i ain't gonna lie.. if he
goes down, then so will i !! i'm dat bish dat'll ride 4u
even step in the courtroom an lie for you .. i'm
talkin bout riGht hanD in the sky for ya *I Like ?.?*

i doubt there is a word strong enough to describe how i feel
i knew As soon as i looked at you..we'd have something real
i aLwayz end up thinkin of you..ur smile an evRything you do
peepz told me it wouldnt work out but dey was wrong w/o a
doubt ; to feel ur kiss.. to be the one that u miss.. to hold u an
treat you right to say im sorry when we fight ; with that onE*
look.. my heart you took ; i never felt this in da past,..i know it
will last ! i can always forget da hard times we went through
But Not the good times i shared with you* ; it takes My breath
away ; the way u make me feel..i hope its forever reaL! guys
come and go but you i can neva let go...


NO quizes to day sorry! I'll update you with some lata..along with some lyrics!
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