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Hey Hey! I'm at school just being bored out of ma mind. I had soo much fun this weekend. I kinda you know wrecked ma car but thats ok so we'll just move on from that subject. If you wana know what happened email me, or IM me! On saturday night I was out till like 4am with ma cousins havin' soo much fun. I got drunk of ma azz! We went everywhere and anywhere that night it was soo much fun. Then on Sunday I had to go to a BBQ at ma aunts house. But Thats basically it. Nothing else really happened. All the seniors left on Friday, so I dunno when I'll see Mitchell again! Prolly neva. Gary's mad at him and he wants to fight him. But I dunno if he will. Its hard to tell with Gary! But I gonna put some more quizes and I don't have any lyrics or nothing SORRY~I'm out 1<3/ashlee

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IIght I'm out! U like ma New layout!! I think its hott!

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