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y0! I haven't updated in a hott minute! Thats ma fault. Nothing's really been happening. I've been workin' a lot and takin' exams. TOMARROW IS MA LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I'm soo happy. I was ready to get out the place for 2 1/2 months. You like ma new background? It's ma husband Fablous. But I might change it to Ja Rule, but I dunno so hit me on the '2way' and tell me which one u like better Ja Vs. Fab. iight? My car comes back home to me tomarrow I'm soo happy! I'm going this weekend to get ma stickers for the front and the back windows. I dunno what I want ma front one to say so hit me up and let me know if u have any ideas iight? I got the new white and red air0nez last night, but I think I'm gonna take em back, because they make ma feet look hella big! Megan is madd at me because I busted get game that she NEVER HAD IN THE 1ST PLACE!! She slipped up and wrote some dude's numba on her hand like 5mins after her and gary broke up! I was like ok ur a h0e and ur GRIMY!!! And he thought so too. So shes mad at me because I told her who Chris was. I mean damn I was gonna lie to da nigga!! I was just like STOP LIEN and maybe I won't have to BUST you!! And then HAHA She told Gary that I said she was stupid for going back out with him the second time (they broke up, went back out and broke up again all in a week) and i was like y0 bitch I never said that so STOP UR LIEN and dont' put words in ma mouth! HAHa theres more! Then she told Gary that her stepdad approuched(sp??) her and said MY dad called him and told him about all the stuff she's been doing and that ma dad heard that i wasn't a Virgin anymo! Ok well...My dad does not care what megan and her trifflin ass be doing! She suck soo much dick she lives on her knees!! She needs to be wearin' knee pads!! and IF** ma dad heard that I was A virgin he would snap me up soo bad it wouldn't be funny! To bad I asked ma dad and he was like this bitch don't know what the fuck she's talkin' about. I was just like whatever gary ur gettin' played!! and I've tried to tell u nicely!! I was soo mad!! And now I'm just like iight megan fuck you! I hope u get dissed and dissmissed because I'm not helpin' you out no more! And she knows I'm the only one that can explain' her wack-out ass to Gary so he don't start flippin' and what not! I ain't got time for her bullshit! But schools basically out, so I ain't gotta look at her ass no more, but more then likely she'll call me or w/e. I'm not worried about her! But anywayz..I'm out to merk so hit me on ma '2 way' lolz(leave da comments I'll get up)
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