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y0! ok This livejournal crap is buggin! I only wanna do a couple more things to it and thats add music and add the shawdow behind the text and I have no idea how to do that! If anyone knows please let me know! But anywayz....I'm trying to find something to do tonite, but I'm not havin' any luck. I wish I could drive sooo bad. I get my L's on the 15th of May!! I'm soo happy! I gotta go get ma car ready sometime next week. My dad said he would take me or w/e.

Aiight this catogory sucks bad!! I'm not havin no luck at all! I mean I know there are people that I'm crushin' and people who are crushin' me, but they just won't grow dicks and tell me, and every guy I like pretty much knows and are PlAyAz fo real. And that is one thing I don't not need or want!! And the other guyz I like have girlfriendZ and I'm not tryin' to get involved in that at this time! I dunno what I'm gonna do. I mean I like being single and what not, but its gettin' old. I've been single sense like November! Thats a LONG time, and I went out with him for like a year and a half.

This is suckin' too! I gotta get my grades brought up before the end of the year or its gonna be a LONG ASS summer!! And Im not tryin' to be in 10th again fo real! I wanna graduate in the year 2004!! But i gotta go so i'll HoLLa back lata!
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