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hey hey! I'm at school being madd bored!! I'm soo tired of this school. I wish I was senior because tomarrow is there last day. That means ma boy Mitchell is leavin' me!!! I don't want him to go, I won't get to see him everyday now. But thats iight I guess. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend! My uncle is coming up from FL and I'm sooo happy!! My sister-in-law is havin' anotha baby, and she found out yesterday that she's gonna have a girl!! She already has a boy Jarod(Ja), so I guess its cool. My brother and everyone is happy. I wanted another boy tho, but they said they were gonna name it Jessica, and I was like WHAT ur kiddin' right? They want Jarod and the new baby to have the same Initials (J.E.E) so they might decide on something else, and I hope they do. But i gotta go!
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