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y0! I'm up in second period being madd bored! We have 18 days of school left, but thats not including exam days, but there nothing just go to school take two exams and go home. I got ma interem today! I no I better be passing something or I'm gonna b pissed! I've been trying to soo hard to get my grades up so I dont have to repeat 10th grade again. I'm failing math and Biology.

........This school is madd crazy! Allz it is a big soap oprea(sp?)! People here are more worried about what someone did or didn't do then what they did or didn't do! People need to mind there own business and stay up out of everybody's life on the real! I don't wanna come back here next year, but I'm not going to STMA or Polytech! And my mom won't let me go to Dover.

I need a man!! Everytime I start talkin' to someone something happens and its not cool. Like now everybody thinks I'm talkin' to Mitchell and I'm not even sure if its tru. I feel like allz he wants is some bootie on the real, but if he gets it from me then thats all he'll want me for, plus hes fuccin' otha girlz on the sneak-tip, but he talks bout it like I'm not gonna hear him..um...I do hear him! He's soo stupid sometimes!!

My girl Megan goes out with Gary, they've been going out for like a month or what not, but they've knowin' each other sense 7th grade. Sopposely there gonna get married and there in love, but I dunno. Let's just see how long it last cuz she be TrIpPiN' ova stupid shit and Gary isn't the kinda person to put up with it, but if he loves her then I guess he'll will. I don't really care about them 2 right now. That's all I hear about, GARY....GARY...And more GARY! I feel like I know everything about Gary! And Megan be actin' stupid when his girl nikki comes around which they were madd cool before they started going back out. She alls talkin' "aww ashley you'll find love someday" and I'm just like "I've been there before, I've been in love, but sometimes it doesn't last 4eva, or you don't show that person foreva" and she was like "But it wasn't real because he couldn't just love you oneday and diss and dissmiss you another day. I was just like whateva get out of ma face! Thats iight tho, cuz the person that I love/loved won't get me disowned from ma family. And Megan is willing to give up her family for Gary. I mean her own blood! Thats crazy!! I was just like whatever you do you girl! but anyways I gotta go!

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May 9 2002, 18:32:06 UTC 15 years ago

y0 y0!

This is Manda again. I was just reading your LJ. I go to CRHS and yeah. Well lol. I saw shit about STMA in there. I live in Jonathans Landing. ACtually I live 2 houses away. LOL :x well oh well. I'll holler.