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.......I'm So HaPpY BaBy......

Y0 Y0! Whats da deal. I no I haven't updated in a minute. I've been workin' and tryin' to find anotha job. My insurance is 1,000 every 6months, so i'm gonna be grindin 2jobs! Megan's madd at me now cuz I busted to skills with Gary, but u no what thats ok. I'm kinda fallin' for him but I dunno if I should. I mean were madd at each other and were not cool right now, but someone once told me "u gotta only make ur self happy, cuz u try to make everybody else happy u'll neva been happy" and that is tru. But I dunno hit me back and tell me what u think iight? Nobody sends me comments. It's makin' me mad. I finally got ma car fixed I'm soo happy!!! But anyways..I'm going to bed I gotta go to get up early tomarrow so i'm out
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