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y0! Its a Saturday night and I'm home! OMFG mark it on the damn calender. I gotta work tomarrow so I figured I better stay home and get some sleep, plus ma girl megan has to work till 2am and I'm not goin' out at no 2am because I'm already BeAt tired!! I need to get some school work done so I don't fail! I spent the day with my cousin and my god-daughter Taylor. Me and my cousin were playin' Super Mario Brother 3! lolz don't ask!! Then my momz picked me up and we went up to target, so she could get some stuff or w/e. We re-did are dinein' room and are kitchen and its almost done so she went and got some rugs and shit to match the colors. I finally found someone to help me out on my livejournal! YAH!! Her livejournal is Ghetto_angel so go check it out. It looks hott!
I'm also gonna add her to my friendz list so u can check it out there. But on the real I gotta bounce I got madd shit to do! I gotta get my clothes clean for work tomarrow so I'm 0ut!!

------->QoUtEz oF the DaY<-------

i alwayz wonder what he's thinkin
when he looks at me and smiles..

boy after boy .. my heart keeps rippin' but
straighten up thuG cuz you got me trippin'

what you see, is what you can't get best
recognize if you haven't yet .. i'm betta
than that girl fo' SheEzy .. cute, sweet and
off the heezy .. holla if you feelin that
and if you got game i'll holla back

ThInK yoUr Bullshlt wOuld
maKe Me BluE ...
yoU keeP BelieviN' Dat
yOu'LL Play YaSelf 2.

n0 mOrE HeAd gAmEz
cHiLL w/ dA DrAmA
bOy iF yA rEaL*GiMmE a HoLLa

i need a bo0 that'd die for me
right hand in dasky for me
when timeZ get tough.. .. .. he'll cry with me
Hold me in his arms and neva say goodbye to me

aiight u were lovin' it ..no doubt ..now
clicK the [x] an roll the fxCk 0ut

c u t e, s e x a y, and f l i r t a c i o u s .. plus
my phaTty'z just bootylicious ... got them thugs
sayin .. * G o o D G r a C i o u s *
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