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12 March
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Name* aShLeE
AgE* 16
Loc* DoVeR*DeLLy
Nicknamez* Shorti*Babygirl*Ash*Boo-Boo*
Occ* JR at CRHS *2004* and workin' at Dover Pool
Statz* TaKiN<333

Hair* Dark Brown
EyEz* brown
Height* 5'5

Color* Red*Black*White*Blu
Drink* Moun dew*Iced Tea
Number* 3
Snack* Ceral
Movie* The fast and Furious*How High*Love and Basketball*Babyboy
Show* Real world*Soul food*The Osbournes
Perfume* Armoni*Secret Crush from V.S.
Season* summa
Song* Murdera's Down For Yew*Happy*U no I love u*
Music* Rap*R&B&*
Store* *Gadzooks*Aero*Wet seal* Tommy outlet* All the shoe stores*
Animal* Dogs
Style* Depends on ma moods*
Scent* Armoni and some V.S scnets
Icecream* Chocolate
Radio Station* 105.7*93.3*101.7*98.9*and* 97.7
Thing 2 Do* Chill to da beat*and* have fun*
Car* Lexus IS300, Chevy Trailblazer and Jeep Charokee

Boys*cars*Music*Basketball*76ers*Lakers*kobe*Iverson*shoes*Shoppin*Clothes*Boys*da beach*
*Back stabbers*Fake People*Boy Bands*Hataz*Doctors*American Eagle*AF*Flyin*the color pink*